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If any of you follow my YouTube channel, you will have already seen my Ebay beauty finds video. However, due to a Twitter request I am also writing them in blog format for those who prefer a good read, as opposed to watching my ugly mug speak about what it is that I've been spending my money on. If you would however prefer to see the YouTube video I have posted, you can watch it here. If not, then sit back, relax, grab yourself a cuppa and prepare to be amazed.

Recently, I have been seeing Ebay beauty finds videos roaming around the YouTube world and I have become obsessed. At first I must admit it did seem a little bit iffy, beauty products and Ebay aren't a combo I would have usually put together. Nevertheless, I love make up and what's more I love cheap make up, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Most of the products I bought came from China, so if you do decide to order them please take into consideration that it will take a few weeks for them to arrive. Although, all of my products came within 3 weeks of ordering them, so it wasn't an unbearable amount of time. I also decided to make it a little extra challenging for myself and decided I was only going to order things that were £2 and under, including postage and packaging. I was so shocked that I managed to do it. If you do want to treat yourself to these little bargains then you can do, I will link each product as I mention it so that you can get it from the exact same seller that I did. I've had these products for a couple of weeks now but decided that I would try them out before I told you guys about them because I wanted to give my honest review of them. So lets get started girlies...


These are a favourite amongst the Ebay beauty finds videos, it seems everyone is loving these, so it only seems right that I ordered some to see if they really do live up to the hype. At first I was a little dubious, less than £2 for 12 lip liners, surely it was too good to be true but no I was wrong. It really is as good as it sounds, £1.88 for 12 creamy, pigmented lip liners which come in beautiful shades. Out of the 12 shades there is only 2 I probably wouldn't wear but other than that I love all the shades. I love how different all the shades are, making this an all year round set. I know no matter what season it is, what the weathers like, what I'm wearing or what event I am going to, there will be a shade that is perfect for it in this set. It really has it all. This also makes it perfect for people who are just starting out in make up, as a little beginner's kit. There's literally endless looks you can do with this set. I love Mac lip liners but I can honestly say I think that these are just as good. They are so pigmented and long lasting. They are also so creamy, making them really comfortable to wear. I did find that a few shades did come out quite scratchy when I first applied them and quite hard to apply but I just sharpened them to get the first coating off and then they were really easy to apply and well just...perfect. I cannot recommend these enough!


This is another favourite amongst the YouTuber's Ebay beauty finds. When this first turned up I was so shocked at how pretty the packaging is. When I say pretty I mean boring, black and sleek, which is what I love. It just didn't look cheap and tacky like I had expected it to. Now, as for the formula, it applies super creamy and it is really easy to apply and control. At first after applying this your lips feel really sticky and tacky, which I hate. However, this only last for around 5 minutes, after that you are left with a really creamy lipstick which feels lovely on the lips. I must admit it is quite heavy but thats not something I personally mind. It is also crazy how matte these lip crayons are, they are definitely more matte than mac lipsticks but at the same time they aren't drying at all. The pigmentation is out of this world, you literally need one swipe and it is completely opaque. I was a little worried that it would run out really fast but little did I know you can actually sharpen these so they will last ages. There are so many shades available and now that I have tried these lip crayons out I want one in every colour. After all, I can get all of them for the price of one high end lipstick. The only thing that I would say is quite tricky is that on Ebay sometimes the pictures aren't true to colour, which means the shade that turns up may not be the exact match of the ones on screen. However, they aren't that different and it is pretty much the same. Its just something to be aware of though when ordering these. For that reason I decided to buy a nude because there's no nude shade I am yet to not like so it just seemed like a safe bet. I got 008, which is this beautiful rosey brown shade, its very 90's which I am loving at the minute. As you can see by the swatch it is gorgeous. But hands down the best thing about this product is the staying power. I have never known anything like it, ever. You definitely don't have to bother reapplying this, it would probably last a week if you didn't wipe it off. Even after doing this swatch I washed my hands 3 times and it didn't budge one bit, it was still there completely opaque in all its glory. It does eventually come off but it takes a whole load of rubbing and make up remover. Overall, I recommend these lip crayons so much because once you get over the stickiness, they are incredible.


The next product I have to show you is this double ended brow pencil, and its honestly life changing. No, I'm not exaggerating. Since I have bought this I have actually enjoyed drawing on my eyebrows every morning, a task which I usually dread. It is so quick and easy and has cut my brow routine down to 30 seconds, something which used to take around 5 minutes. For a long time, I have been using a brown eyeshadow with an angle brush to apply my brows and although I loved the natural finish it gave, I found that my brows were looking a little messy and uneven. This little beauty however, has made me fall back in love with brow pencils. It offers so much precision and I think that this is down to the shape of the pencil, it comes in an angle brush style shape which means that you can really make your brows look exactly how you wish. This shape is such a massive improvement to the normal drawing pencil shape style as it offers so much control! Okay, so the packaging is nothing to write home about and it does look a little cheap but for its 99p price tag I can totally forgive that. The formula is creamy but not greasy, what I mean by that is once you apply it, the product doesn't slide like a lot of pencils do. Rather than it looking like a thin layer of brown product with hair sat on top of it, it looks as though its your actual eyebrow. Not to mention that when you do your eyebrows with this you are left with quite a thick formula which doesn't budge, which gets a thumbs up from me. The pigmentation is amazing, having said that it doesn't look like you've just took a sharpie to your face, they actually look super natural provided you don't press down really hard. Its also double ended, on the other end you get an eyebrow brush. This is great for brushing your brows in preparation to apply the product but also after you apply it just to brush the product in, making them look even more like your own brows and a little less harsh.The pencil also winds up so you get a lot of product, which will last you a good few months. If thats not enough, the company offer around 6 shades so there is definitely a colour for everyone. I know some high end brow pencils only come in three shades so I was actually really surprised with the colour selection of these. As an eyebrow fanatic I have to say I am obsessed with this product and I promise you that you will love it just as much as me.


Okay, so this is the only negative review in this blog post I promise. Although I do hate to be a negative Nora I do have to be honest with you guys and the truth is I hated this product. So much so that it went straight into the bin. Firstly, I have to be honest I don't actually know why I bought this in the first place because even when high end brands came out with these brushes they just didn't appeal to me. The concept is just not something that interested me. I love using beauty blenders and I just can't see any possible benefits to putting them on a brush handle?! Is it just me? Regardless of that, the actual quality of this brush is appalling. It is stuck on with cheap glue, and the beauty blender was already falling off as soon as it arrived. I know what you are thinking, 'What does she expect for 99p?' and I totally agree. Nevertheless, it was completely unstable. When it came to actually trying the product out I just felt I had no control at all with it, as opposed to simply holding the beauty blender. It was just extremely hard to use and eventually I just gave up and used an ordinary beauty blender. To conclude, don't bother!


OH MY GOD! Just stop everything you are doing, click the link and purchase this RIGHT NOW. I promise you won't regret it. Now let me tell you why...

I am usually a girl that dreads applying her base products, I find it hard work and extremely boring. I love creating a good smoky eye and perfecting a bold lip but base work is just one big yawn. That was until this little angel arrived in my postbox. This has  actually made me start to love applying my base coat. It has also cut the time I take to do my make up by 5 mins at least, it is just so quick and easy to use. I can honestly say that I've had so many high end, expensive foundation brushes before but nothing compares to this, hard to believe I know! It applies your make up flawlessly and evenly. What's more the actual brush is really good quality and actually looks stylish too. I cannot recommend this enough!


Side note: I don't know why but apparently choosing between two pictures of a sponge proves too hard, which is why I am treating you to two. 

So this is another one of my favourites. This paired with the kabuki brush I have just mentioned is a match made in heaven. Between the two of them it has made my new make up routine revolutionary. This sponge just works perfectly after using the brush, it blends the foundation into my skin making it look so natural and flawless. It also sets my foundation so nicely, giving me the 'my skin but better' kinda look. I can often apply too much foundation thinking it will provide me with some extra coverage but as a result I can sometimes look cakey, however this sponge has changed all that for the better. It takes off all the excess foundation and leaves me with just the perfect amount. Goodbye cakey skin, hello flawless face. No but seriously it is amazing. The shape allows you to really get into all the nooks and crannies of your face which previous beauty blends I have owned have failed to do. Another must have, which I cannot recommend enough.

So thats it guys, my Ebay beauty finds, I really hope you have enjoyed this! If you have let me know because I would love to make some more as I am always on the bargain hunt for new beauty products. But for now I hope I have encouraged you to purchase some of this goodies. 

As always, Thanks for reading my lovelies...

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  1. These are some awesome finds! I thought I was an expert at finding affordable beauty products but you've definitely done so much better than me, as I actually haven't come across a lot of these! The lip liners and matte lip crayons sound amazing, I'm defo going to check them out in the future. 12 lip liners for not even £2? I can't get over that!

    Amanda |