Sunday, 15 May 2016


"I need to stop shopping!" this is something I often say to myself but luckily I happen to have found a new excuse to shop some more...YouTube. The other day I wandered past Primark and thought well why not? When I went in there I instantly knew it was a bad idea because I saw so many things I wanted. I have a few birthdays coming up including Peaches so I had already spent QUITE a bit this month (overboard olivia again) so thankfully it meant I knew I couldn't spend as much as I wanted to in Primark. Anyway, I bought a good handful of things (2 big bags full) and thought why not make a video out of it and share them with you? I posted this video around 6 days ago and because I'm a really bad blogger at the minute I forgot all about writing a blog post to link you all to the video. I promise I will stop neglecting you guys, I have just been getting a little over excited about myself finally starting YouTube. I have some really good blog posts planned though so please hang fire, don't give up on me and stay tuned. You can watch my Primark haul here, I would really appreciate if you could watch it and subscribe.

Lots of Love,

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