Saturday, 30 April 2016


When it comes to keeping up with the Kardashians, I would say I do a pretty good job of it! So when I saw Kim Kardashian's Snapchat video of her Instagram book I instantly wanted one. I never actually thought it would be possible for a 'normal' person to get one, of course Kim Kardashian had one sent to her but I didn't think there was a place where us regular folk could get one made. Little did I know because last week in my postbox I received a parcel all the way from America. Inside the package was the most amazing, thoughtful present ever. My fiancĂ©e always gets me lovely gifts but she had really out done herself this very own Instagram book. 

It is such an amazing gift idea that I think anyone would love to receive. The quality is amazing and you really can appreciate how much time and effort has gone into it. The website is really easy to use and allows you to design the book exactly how you want. You pick the photos you want to feature in the book and put them in the order you wish to, so you really can make it your own. It is so special and something that I will treasure forever which is why I think it makes an amazing gift for anyone. 

Our generation has become so technologically obsessive which means nowadays most photos remain on our Instagram pages and memory cards but there really is nothing better than having the real thing which you can keep forever. My mum has boxes and boxes of family photos and I used to love looking through them and I would hate to think that when I have children the only way I can show them my photos is by giving them my Instagram username. So I vouch that from now on I will start to get more photos printed, or even better get more of these beauties made. If you do want to treat yourself or a loved one to their very own Instagram book then the website Peaches used was called Artifact Uprising. Finally, if you want to follow (stalk) me on Instagram, my username is @modebeautex I upload A LOT and would love you to check it out.

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