Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Hands up if you love YouTube! *Raises hand* I love YouTube, I love being able to watch someone else life develop through a computer screen and experiencing the amazing things that they are able to second hand. For many years I ave always wanted to start my own YouTube channel but for various reasons, mainly that my life is too boring, I have dismissed it. However, more recently, I have decided that enough is enough and in the next couple of weeks I am thinking of posting my very first video. There's something about being able to keep memories of my life in video format and look back on them in years to come whilst sharing these memories with the world, that seems so special. So if you have any suggestions of what I should film for my first ever YouTube video, then please do comment below! Keeping with this discussion I have decided today to write about my top 5 favourite YouTubers for you all to binge watch. I have excluded the likes of Zoella and Tanya Burr, not because I don't adore their videos because I really do, but because everyone and their dogs has already subscribed and watched everyone one of their videos ten times over. So here goes, in no particular order, my top 5 favourite YouTubers....

Lydia Elise Millen
I've only been subscribed to Lydia for around a month now but I don't know how I lasted so long without seeing her videos (and snapchats). She is unbelievably stunning and has such good style, which you will know if you follow her fashion blog. I would definitely say she's a luxury YouTuber which is why I love her videos, I follow quite a few luxury YouTubers purely so I can second hand experience the things in life I cannot afford myself but I often find that they can be a little conceited. Lydia, however, comes across as extremely down to earth and relatable. All in all, she's definitely worth a follow.

Latoya's Life
Latoya's vlogs are everything, they are honestly the most entertaining videos in my whole subscription box. Her life is so dramatic and she keeps everything so real which is something I struggle to find on YouTube these days. Sure, sometimes its fun to watch someone's censored and well ordered life because its a great escape. but sometimes you just want to watch real life vlogs. She has such a huge group of friends and family and its honestly the nicest thing to watch, they all look out for one another and its so heart warming. Latoya vlogs everything and there's pretty much nothing that isn't filmed and shown to us subscribers. I have to say her videos aren't everyone's come of tea but you should definitely give them a try.

Shirley B. Eniang 
If I could have anyone's wardrobe for a day it would hands down be this woman's.  Her look books and fashion hauls are everything, I get so much inspiration from her. Not only is her style something that everyone should witness but she's also a pretty inspirational woman. If fashion isn't your thing then I certainly wouldn't dismiss her videos all together, she also posts vlogs, Q&As, and advice videos. Overall, I would say I definitely get a little excited every time she uploads a new video and for that reason you should definitely subscribe to her. In fact I am about to have a Shirley marathon myself right now.

RoseEllenDix is a personal favourite of mine, it follows the life of two woman who are married, Rose and Rosie. Not only are they hilarious but also really relatable, I find my relationship with my fiancée so similar to theirs and it really is weird but at the same time lovely for me to watch. They are definitely the most down to earth girls I follow on YouTube as you see them go through every day struggles, laughs and drama. Additionally, my fiancée hates watching anything on YouTube except for these two. This is honestly the only YouTube channel I am allowed to watch without headphones in and many of times we have both been sat here in balls of laughter watching their videos.

Nicole Guerriero
I have been subscribed to Nicole since before I can remember and as long as she does videos that won't change. She is amazing at what she does, her makeup and hair tutorials are so helpful. There's been plenty of times when I've been getting ready for a night out and following her step by step tutorials. Her annual Halloween make-up tutorials are also unbeatable, every year you can guarantee that I use one of her Halloween tutorials as inspiration. The year just gone, I used her gypsy fortune teller Halloween make-up tutorial and it looked amazing (if I do say so myself). Not only are her make-up tutorials worth a follow on their own but her vlogs are also extremely entertaining. Weirdly, a lot of it happens to be her driving around listening to music and singing along but somehow she makes it extremely entertaining to watch.

Who are your favourite YouTubers to watch?

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