Thursday, 4 February 2016


As promised in my previous post I have gathered together some valentines day gift ideas for those who may be on a budget. I always prefer getting something a little cheaper for my fiancé on valentines day for 2 reasons- (1) with the money we save not getting expensive presents we can go out for a nice meal or do something together instead (2) we treat each other frequently throughout the year, so we usually decide between ourselves not to go overboard on valentines. Nevertheless, we always get something for each other to unwrap. Which is why I have put together my favourite finds under £25 which I think any girl would love to receive. I will definitely be getting something along these lines for my fiancé as I think these items are a little more personal than the average bouquet of flowers or chocolates. My favourite is the What I love about you book as you can spend some time making it really personal for your special someone. My fiancés fave is the Get off Scot Free cards probably because I'm always telling her off, but that's what she gets when she doesn't pack her shower things away. Anyway I will leave you the links below, which you are welcome to forward to your partners as a little hint.
What's your favourite thing to receive on valentines day?

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