Friday, 26 February 2016


If you have read my blog for a while now you will know that its become tradition that every Christmas my mum buys me the annual star buy Soap and Glory gift set from boots. You know the one it goes on sale every year (50% discount) for one week in December and the blogging world goes mad for it. This year it was called It's The Whole She-Bang and Soap and Glory collaborated with Philip Colbert who designed the pop art inspired design. I have to admit this year the packaging didn't impress me massively, it was a little too in your face for me but each to their own I guess because I know other people loved it. 

Its now been 2 months since receiving this, the Christmas trees have been packed away and the reindeers are hibernating. So I think I can now give you a fair review of some of the products I received after having give them all a go. All the products I am speaking about you can still buy individually in boots as well, so if you like the sound of anything you can still pick them up. I will be reviewing my top 3 picks from all 9 products and as always I will leave the links below just in case you want to treat yourselves.

  • Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk 350 ml- £8- I remember when I was younger I had this product and I hated it so I just threw it in the bin. However, a couple of years ago I tried it again and since then I have never looked back. I absolutely love this product. It takes my make- up off so easily and it's also really gentle to my skin due to its creamy consistency. All you have to do is take a few pumps of this product and rub it on your face whilst your make-up is still on and it melts everything away. Once it's rubbed in everywhere and all your eye make-up is off (you will probably look like a panda at this point), you simply get a damp face cloth and wipe all the product away. It takes the majority of my make-up off, yes you will still need to toner but that goes for most cleansers. What I love about this product is that it leaves you with the softest skin ever that smells delicious. So for that reason I definitely recommend it, especially considering the price tag.
  • The Scrub of Your Life Smoothing Body Scrub 200 ml- £7-  Soap and Glory calls it "the ultimate super-smoothing body buffer" and I can't agree more. It honestly makes your skin feels amazing. Again it smells incredible and has that original S&G scent which I adore. There are mini pink beads in this gel like scrub which exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling ever so soft, however it isn't harsh on your skin at all which I have found other scrubs to be in the past. Having said that I would say that it is more a daily body scrub, if you have particularly dry skin that needs a tough exfoliating product you may want something a little more concentrated. 
  • Clean On Me Shower Gel 500 ml- £6.50- Get your shoes on, leave your house, find your nearest boots and buy this, PLEASE! I promise you won't regret it. I remember buying this when I was in high school and at that age £6.50 for a shower gel is on the pricey side. I would leave it in the family bathroom and it would run out so fast, for a long time I thought it was my mum using it, being the only other girl in my family. But no, it was my dad. My bloody dad. All in all, this Shower Gel smells incredible and I cannot recommend it enough. Just go and buy it.
What are your favourite S&G products?


  1. I'm obsessed with Soap & Glory! My favourite is probably Whipped Clean it smells so amazing!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

    1. Yes I love Whipped Clean, its amazing to shave your legs with (TMI?)

      Paige xxx

  2. I absolutely love Soap & Glory, and wish I had more access to the makeup in the US. We have the lotions but not much makeup xx

    1. I much prefer the lotions and skin care products from soap and glory, you aren't missing out much on the make up in my opinion. There's a few good bits but their skincare products are much better.

      Paige x

  3. I love Soap & Glory products! Although, I wish I could afford the makeup more often but all the shower stuff is amazing!