Saturday, 6 February 2016


It's been years since Makeup Revolution first took the blogging world by storm. Every man and their dog joined the hype at some point. Unfortunately, I never considered buying anything from Makeup Revolution and weirdly it was actually because of the pricing. The cost of Makeup Revolution is extremely cheap, so my inner snob didn't think it could possibly be any good despite the amount of good reviews I read daily. However, on boxing day I went sale shopping and happened to come across this gift set in Superdrug. It was £6 for a highlight palette, blush palette and two brushes, so I couldn't have not bought it. Even if it turned out to be rubbish, £6 wouldn't break the bank. I didn't expect much from it at all but actually I was pleasantly surprised. 

I'll start with the highlight palette. I have been in desperate need of a highlight palette for a long time and I have to say I love this one. The shades are just gorgeous. What I love about them is that they are subtle, there's no chunky sparkles in them, having said that you can build them up for a heavier shine if you want, which I tend to do on a night out. At first the lilac and bright pink shades scared me a little, however I think they are completely beautiful when on the cheek bones. They all look incredible and for that reason I would definitely, definitely recommend this palette. 

Now on to the blush palette. I have to admit I only bought this gift set for the highlight palette as I haven't worn blusher in YEARS. When I first saw this palette I was a little put off by the shades as they are so bright. I'm all about the strong bronzer and a nice highlight, so blusher doesn't even come into the question which is why I think it's a little unfair of me to review this product for you. It's not for me but I knew that when buying it. That being said, for anyone who does like a good blusher then this would be perfect, there are plenty of different shades and each of them has amazing colour pay off. When I did try this product I only had to put a little on for it to show on my cheek. The shades do look lovely on and whilst the colour pay off is amazing it doesn't make you look like aunt sally either, which is always a bonus. So, if you are into this type of thing then I would recommend it 100%. 

On to the brushes, OH MY GOD, I was so shocked. Usually with gift sets like these the application brushes that come with them are rubbish quality and really rough to touch. I had expected these to be the same and I was going to put them straight in the bin but actually this couldn't be further from the truth. The quality of these brushes are amazing, they pick up the product really well and christ they are the softest brushes I own. I own some pretty pricey make-up brushes, yet none of them have been as soft as these ones are. They really are incredible and rather than being thrown in my bin they now have a nice little space in my brush bag. 

Overall, I love the brushes, they really are amazing and the highlight palette is right up my ally and something I would definitely repurchase. The blusher palette I won't be using an awful lot but that's due to personal preference and actually I would recommend it to someone who does wear blusher. 

Do you own any Makeup revolution products? If so, how did you find them and would you repurchase anything? 

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