Thursday, 18 February 2016


Today's post is a little different to my usual beauty posts, as I'm going to be reviewing a restaurant that I went to on Valentines day. I really like reading these kind of posts and I am an avid reader of the wonderful CocoCami, who I suppose has inspired this post really. I often read her posts and find them super helpful as I love eating out but often need a little inspiration and advice on where to go. 



So the day before Valentines day (I know so last minute!) I tweeted CocoCami and asked for a few restaurant recommendations. Luckily she eats out in Liverpool and I live in Liverpool city centre so all the places are only a taxi ride, if not a walk, away. Being the ever so lovely lady that she is she tweeted me back in no time and recommended a few places, so after a little of my own research I booked in with Olive. 

Of course on the next day I was running late (what can I say it was Valentines day so I wanted to impress), so I rang Olive to tell them I was running 10 minutes late and they were so lovely about it even on a hectic day like Valentines. On arrival we were seated straight away and the waiter was lovely. We ordered a bottle of white wine which I will say price wise was a little steep, with the cheapest bottle being  £22 however that is literally the only bad word I could about it. Our experience dining there was incredible. The ambience was just lovely, the decor was really modern and the music was relaxing. The staff were attentive and couldn't have done more. The price of the food was also really reasonable, especially considering the meal portions.

The main menu was just incredible. It was no surprise that my fiancĂ©e decided in minutes, she usually picks the most boring option on the menu and she seems pretty content with that. This time she chose spaghetti bolognese for her main, which was actually incredible and tasted like authentic italian cooking. For starters she chose calamari, which is probably the most adventurous she would have gone and OH MY GOD, it tasted divine. It was literally incredible, it tasted fresh and it was cooked to perfection.  When it come to me picking off the menu I was relieved that I had looked at it online the night before because if I hadn't I would have been sat there for ages deciding what to eat. Luckily, I had done all that bit the night before, so I went in knowing what I wanted to eat. For my starter I had mussels, they were hands down the best mussels I have ever eaten, they were just phenomenal. The portion size was massive as well, and I wasn't complaining because I could have eaten them as long as there was some in the bowl. They came in a cream sauce and was served with bread, which was a nice extra touch that I hadn't expected. Then for my main I ordered roast chicken risotto, again it was beautiful and the portion was so filling, even I struggled to eat half of it and I have a big appetite.

Another thing that stood out for me was that there was an open kitchen, there's something about a restaurant with an open kitchen that I love. You can see the chefs make all the food from scratch and you can also feel the friendly atmosphere from the kitchen as well witness the staff co-operating together. I hate being in a restaurant and watching members of staff snarling at one another and looking stressed but that definitely wasn't the case at Olive.

Overall, the food was amazing, the staff couldn't have done more, the portions were more than enough and the pricing was reasonable. I 100% recommend it to anyone and I will definitely be revisiting. 

Olive Liverpool
25-27 Castle Street
L2 4TA


  1. I love CocoCami's blog, this place looks lovely!
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

    1. Her blog is amazing isn't it, she inspires me to blog every time I read her content! Yes it is amazing, I definitely recommend it x