Thursday, 31 December 2015


Happy New Year! I don't want to start the year with a typical 'new year, new me' type of post because honestly I'm getting as bored as the next person reading them. The truth is that my new years resolution is to carry on just as I am, I'm finally at a place in my life where I am so happy and content. 2015 was a real turning point for my life, it was the year that changed everything, the year I finally began to really love myself and my life. I moved out this year, started university and got engaged and I feel so grateful for my life right now. Without sounding cliché it was the best year of my life and I only hope it will get better from here. I can sit here and make silly unrealistic goals such as I am no longer drinking and I will lose loads of weight but then I could just give you the link to my new years resolution post I made this time last year and you will see that I didn't achieve any of them. I'm going to carry on being me and whilst it would amazing for me to lose weight the truth is that I'm currently eating Dominoes pizza whilst writing this and eating an American appetiser selection that I'm not even enjoying. I could also say that I'm not going to drink but there's a bottle of Jack Daniels in my cupboard and I will not be wasting it. The list is endless of typical new years resolutions that I know I just wouldn't achieve, so whilst I applaud those of you who will be sticking to their goals I will not be working on a new me this year because I am just quite fine being the old me.

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