Saturday, 21 November 2015


There's nothing I find more frustrating, as I am sure many of you plus size gals would agree, than falling in love with a new fashion trend yet not being able to take part because the only shops supplying is Topshop and Zara. It seems like there's not a lot of plus size shops that keep up with current styles and when you do find the odd place (Asos curve I'm talking about you) I find that it's super pricey. Originally I was going to write a blog post ranting about this, however since I am always one to find a positive I have decided not to. Whilst doing my research for my original post idea I came across Missguided, a very well known online clothing site. I've heard of it before however I have never actually looked on there as I assumed they wouldn't sell plus size clothing or that it would be really expensive. However, I was pleasantly surprised not only is it reasonably priced, but the clothes are stunning! I seriously want to buy everything they sell but I have had to be really strict with myself and whittle it down to 6 pieces to show you which I love. I adore the faux suede pieces which I have not seen any other plus size retailer sell and as always I am in love with the khaki pieces which I think would look amazing paired with an all black outfit. I will definitely be purchasing these pieces and I am 100% going to look on Missguided a lot more. If you also think these items are beautiful you can click the links below and get your purses out.

Nude Suede Crop Top- £8-

Khaki Shirt- £28-

Cream Culottes- £30-

Longline Waistcoat- £35-

Grey Suede Skirt- £28-

Khaki Suede Trench Coat- £45-

Grey Duster Coat- £35-


  1. Such beautiful pieces!! (:
    Nati xx

    1. I am so in love with them, I couldn't resist ant longer and bought a few of these items last night! The next week I am literally going to be sat by my letterbox!

      Paige X