Saturday, 2 May 2015


I am not one to do a fashion post, in fact it would be pretty hypocritical of me as I am currently sat blogging in pyjama pants and a stained top that has the remains of my spag bol on. However, I have some special occasions coming up and have been scouring the web for some outfit inspiration and I've come to the realisation that the world has gone A-line skirt crazy. I first came across these skirts when I was introduced to the film Grease way back when, remember the animated cheerleader with the poodle skirt- I think her name was Patty. Since then I have loved these feminine, classic numbers. They look gorgeous and they are also perfect for any special occasions you have coming up this summer especially weddings. So I have done a little looking around and after much deliberation I have decided on my favourite 8 styles to show you. 

1. Coast- £129- Buy it here
2. New Look- £22.99- Buy it here
3. New Look- £24.99- Buy it here
4. Topshop- £55- Buy it here
5. Ebay- £2.99- Buy it here
6. Coast- £85- Buy it here
7. Coast- £129- Buy it here
8. Topshop- £65- Buy it here

I have given you a range of prices here depending on your budget because personally I could never imagine handing over £129 for a skirt. But I have saved a little treasure for last, after much searching on the web I have found this beauty (here) for just over £6, you can't go wrong. I will definitely be buying myself one that's for sure.Let me know what you think of the new A-line skirt phenomenom.

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  1. Great picks :) I always feel a bit awkward when I wear midi skirts/dress - maybe it's something to do with my height? Oh well! ha xo

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥