Thursday, 30 April 2015


It feels as though April has flown by but I figure that's probably because I was counting down to all the exciting things coming up in May. This month the UK has seen a satisfying amount of sunshine which I have certainly taken advantage of, which by the way is my excuse for the lack of photos taken. However, I did manage to post these on Instagram.April was a relaxed month, I had two weeks off college, one of which my parents went away for, so me and my girlfriend had a relaxing week together (mostly in pyjamas). Peaches is an amazing cook so we had some lovely meals, all of which she made look very restauranty and posh. It was such as lovely week just having the house to ourselves as I have four little brothers which as you can imagine can get pretty hectic/loud. The weekend my family got home was so hot so we all went to the airport pub, a little treasure of a place I used to go when I was younger. The airport pub is exactly what it says, its a pub with a huge field where you can watch planes land as its next door to Manchester aiport. I hadn't been in ages but its been completely refurbished so it was a nice treat to see it years later and share it with my little brothers. 

I have such an exciting month in May which makes me both excited and apprehensive. Excited because I have such a fun filled month but apprehensive because it means I will be super busy and with less then 5 weeks until my A2 exams I need all the revision time I can get. If you want to keep up to date with my whereabouts you can give me a follow on Instagram @paigeayarwood I usually post every couple of days. So whats on the radar for next month-
  • My aunties wedding
  • My girlfriends 21st birthday party
  • Kelsall annual folk festival- its a tradition in Peaches' family but my first time
  • My best friends birthday
  • My little brothers birthday 
What's your plans for May?

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