Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I truly do believe that no matter how good your smokey eye is or how well you apply that lip liner, if your base isn't flawless then it makes no difference at all. In the past I have really struggled finding some holy grail base products and found myself experimenting with a mixture of high end and high street primers and foundations, never really being utterly blown away by anything. That is until I stepped into Mac a few weeks back, it was unusually empty in there and so I thought why not take advantage and get a foundation matched up to my skin colour and treat myself. I was served by this really lovely woman who was so helpful and after chatting for ages, about many things including blogging, Zoella and the rule of 3 contour application, I was handed a mirror to find myself pleasantly surprised with how well she had matched the foundation to my skin and how natural/light it felt. I went to the till to pay only to have my wonderful partner ask the assistant to get all the products she had applied to my face, my partner treated me to all three products and I walked out that shop with the biggest smile on my face. My partner is now £90 poorer but I am 99% happier, I think I really have got some staples here that will be repurchased into my collection for many years to come.

MAC Prep+Prime Natural Radiance- £29.50- Radiant yellow
I cannot apply makeup without primer, albeit I would usually go for a thicker silicone primer but I am really pleased with this. It should make a difference to the overall finish as it reduces the appearance of pores. I was advised to get this primer by the assistant because I do tend to get an oily t-zone but I have severe dry skin on my chin, this primer is said to smooth of the dry areas whilst keeping the oils under control and I do believe it does that as it's hydrating but not greasy. The primer comes in two shades, yellow and pink, the yellow is suited for my olive toned ladies like myself and I did notice it has little shimmers in it which I think achieves the whole illuminating glowing look without looking sparkly. I think this is a big problem among girls, once we here the word shimmer a lot of us including myself immediately assume year 9 glittery makeup but it really can just be used to add a little glow and certainly isn't something we should always shy away from. The texture of this primer is one I would nto tend to go for but it really makes it feel super light on your skin, I would say its half way between a lotion and a mousse. I do think this primer is amazing but it is on the pricey side so I'm not sure I would rush to re-purchase it. I don't know, maybe I would, it does make your makeup look flawless by reducing the appearance of lines, creases and pores, so I suppose you get what you pay for. 

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation- £25- NC20
For a long time I have seen so many mixed reviews on this foundation, think the marmite of the blogging world. I can see how that may be, most of the time I love this foundation and I can see myself repurchasing this again and again but some days I do feel its a little too glowing (verging on plastic looking) and a little heavy; it all depends on your skin type. I love this foundation because I do have problematic dry patches on my chin so it works wonderfully there without highlighting or sticking to it, in fact it hides my dry areas perfectly, smoothing over them. Having said that with that there comes some problems because I do find after it has been on for around 5 hours it can tend to get quite glowing on my t-zone and look a little shiny, this is nothing a little powder can't sort and honestly some days I like that extra glowing look.  This is a heavy, gel based foundation that provides medium to buildable full coverage, which is just what I need, it cancels out any redness and pores without clogging them up. It leaves your skin with a lovely glowing satin finish which I think is important to note before buying this product, it is not meant as a matte finish which many bloggers have criticized this foundation for, it is a satin finish so unless you like a glow then this foundation is not for you.  I also find that the price tag is totally justified because this foundation lasts ages, mine is still at the top and I have used it so much, I would recommend around 3 pea sized balls will generously cover the whole face. I also think this would be applied perfectly with a flat topped brush as opposed to a stippling brush which I have been using, I really need to invest in some new brushes. Overall I would recommend this product if you like a glowing finish and have dry skin, I will repurchase this however I think this is more suited for the winter months so I am currently on the look out for a perfect summer time foundation- any suggestions?

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder- £23- Medium Deep
HOLYGRAIL HOLYGRAIL HOLYGRAIL...I hereby announce that I, Paige Abigail, will repurchase this for the rest of eternity. Right okay, time to calm down, let me explain. This product goes on flawlessly, it is amazing for contouring, and you can really see the powder which is great if you like a defined cheekbone. Having said that it is also very workable and doesn't stick to areas when applied so it you prefer a more natural contour you can blend away until you reach your desired finish. This product is so easy to use, thus great for me getting ready at 7am, you only need a tiny amount of product and it goes on beautifully. You don't need to work too hard to achieve a hard contour at all, and being a contour fanatic this is super important for me. It lasts all day and applies evenly, all in all I couldn't recommend this enough and if you are a contour queen like me then what are you waiting for go and buy it right this second.

What are your holy grail products?

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