Monday, 2 March 2015


I always find myself watching cooking programmes when deciding what to cook for tea, and as much as I love trying out new recipes sometimes it is just best to stick to the golden oldies. 

I remember when I was in high school and started having sleepovers, I would always make homemade pizza when people slept over. I would be such a diva and leave my mum a list of about 20 different pizza toppings to buy...7 years on and now buying my own tea I realise why she never even considered buying everything on my shopping list. However that's not to say pizza making has to be expensive, the beauty of it is that you can use anything in your fridge as a pizza topping, be as creative as you like. It's so fun to do and a real family activity that can make cooking fun for everyone. It can also be as easy or as hard as you want, you can buy pizza bases and pizza sauce or if you want to give yourself a challenge you can make both from scratch. 

This time I decided to give myself a challenge, my partner was at work so off I went to the shop to buy the ingredients, twenty minutes later and with sore hands (from all the bags I had to carry up a hill, village life eh!), I found myself kneading dough. If you would like to give yourself a challenge and also a serious hand workout then you can use this website I used that gives you step by step instructions to creating the fluffiest pizza base you will have ever tried, if you want to take the easier (not as tasty) route then you can buy a pre-made pizza base from any local super market. 

I did cheat a little with the pizza sauce though I have to admit, I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount so I opted for a pre-made pizza sauce called Passata. I did however spruce it up, I added my own ingredients to it to make it just a little more sweeter, this included a little basil, oregano, chilli, salt, pepper, soy sauce and a dash of Lea& Perrins. This is where you can get creative adding anything to your taste, do be careful when adding any liquids though as this is your pizza sauce and there's nothing worse than a soggy watery pizza. Finally, the most exciting bit, toppings!! You can really use anything that you want, after that sprinkle it with a bit of mozzarella and you are good to go. Cook it for around 20 minutes and enjoy! If you are struggling for some topping inspiration here's a list of my favourites-
Sun dried tomatoes
BBQ sauce 

What's your favourite topping? 


  1. Serious craving for pizza now!

    1. They seriously tasted amazing, I really want to make them for tea tonight but I figured I'll leave it at least a week before I make them again otherwise my pizza addiction will get out of control! X