Friday, 6 March 2015


Recently I have seen so many blog posts on wall prints ranging from Disney to scenic landscapes. This is such an easy DIY project to brighten up any room and they look so expensive, hell they are expensive have you seen these things on Etsy. With only a few months away until I move out to University I will definitely be making some of these to jazz up my hall room. 

These are just a few I've seen online that I was so close to buying, but at £18 each I have managed to resist so far. I figured that since I would only be having monochrome gracing my walls anyway I could quite easily make some of these with a little help from my computer skills, a printer and a few black frames (saving me a lot of pennies). If you would also li
ke to join me and spruce up your walls but are struggling with idea's then here's some inspirational quotes for you that I myself am thinking of using...

  • More issues than vogue.
  • The bags under my eyes are Chanel.
  • "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."  Chanel
  • "Women who wear black live colourful lives." — Neiman Marcus
  • "A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Chanel
  • "It is always better to be slightly underdressed." — Chanel 
  • “Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.” Chanel
  • "Religion is the opium of the masses."  Karl Marx 
  • "The purpose of knowledge is action, not knowledge." — Aristotle
  • "Life’s too short to bullshit." — Naomi Campbell