Friday, 30 January 2015


No7 is a brand I hold close to my heart, this is mainly because of my Nana. I always remember visiting her, being the madam that I am I would sneak into her room to inspect her dressing table, amongst all her little pots and potions I remember there being a No7 cream. It is since then I grew to love all No7 products, it has become my staple skincare brand. Throughout the years I have purchased almost all the products No7 have to offer, minus their make-up products which I always seem to just stroll past. Nevertheless their skincare products cannot be faulted, and so when I opened a box full of No 7 products, with a value of £130, for Christmas I was over the moon. I have used all these products throughout January and I feel I am now able to offer a valid review of my favourite products. So here goes...

Sumptuous bath soak
As you can tell by the picture I have nearly ran out of this already, that is not to say it doesn't last long because I'm sure it does. However, I fell in love with this bubble bath straight away so I decided to run my partner a bubble bath with it and since then it seems to have been used up more and more every time she visits. This bubble bath is amazing, which is why its already on my list to re-purchase because I honestly cannot ever imagine having a bath without this again. It smells amazing and fresh, I am the worst at describing scents but its just beautiful and has the most perfect classy scent ever. It also makes your skin feel so soft and leaves a gorgeous subtle smell to it. Now for the fun part, it does make so many bubbles, honestly like loads, granted they don't last long but who wants to be washing their hair in bubbles anyway! I honestly do look forward to getting into the bath each time I put this in and I cannot recommend it enough, just go and treat yourself to some, you wont regret it!

Beautiful skin cleansing lotion
I have never ever hated to love a product so much in all my life as I have this cleansing lotion. So lets start with the negatives and get them out of the way... this bottle is the most frustrating and uncooperative thing in the world. I don't know why but the pump on this takes ages to get any product out, you press the pump and little product comes out and then you have to wait for the pump to raise back up again which takes forever before getting any more product out of it. Usually if the packaging on a product frustrates me as much as this one does it would go into the bin having said that I couldn't dispose of this product because I love it too much. It melts your makeup away and leaves your skin feeling so soft, cleansed and makes my skin look so healthy so  that I have just the right moisture balance in my skin. However,I don't think I would re-purchase this cleanser until No7 had a good look at the packaging,  also it is worth noting that for a couple of pounds more you can get the much loved Liz Earle cleanse and polish instead.

Intense day hand cream
I have never really been fussed with hand creams and tend to stick to my soap and glory hand food. I figured all hand creams do the same thing and the only reason I stuck to S&G is because of the incredible scent. BUT this product has completely changed my mind, this hand cream is amazing, my hands have never felt so soft! The problem with some cheaper hand creams I've tried is that although they do make my hands feel softer, they also leave a oily film on my hands and I can feel the product. This one doesn't do that it restores the moisture in my hand because the product almost immediately sinks into the skin and leaves no oil behind. However, this hand cream holds a staggering £10.50 price tag and I'm just not sure I would spend that much on hand cream. So I'm on the hunt for a cheaper option.

Protect & perfect intense night cream
Now last but by no means least is No7's intense night cream. This product is my favourite, along with the bath soak, and I cannot imagine ever living life without this despite the hefty price tag of £24. This cream has transformed my skin and after years of makeup and chemicals, that I've put my face through, I've found the product that my skin needs to restore its natural moisture. This night cream has made such a difference to my skin, it feels and looks so much softer and healthier. It soaks into the skin and has just the right amount of oils so that it doesn't feel greasy to sleep in. I cannot recommend this one enough, you will love it.

What No7 products do you love and can recommend for me?

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