Saturday, 6 September 2014


I admit it I have a shopping addiction, well actually its an online shopping addiction, as opposed to actually having to move from my bed and go to the shops. There's something comforting about logging online and browsing the shops whilst sat in your pyjamas not having to move a muscle, especially after a long hard day at work. There's no crowds to worry about, no routing around messy shop floors, no judgemental glares from the shop assistants and no heavy shopping bags to carry home. So, earlier this week after a hard day at work, I sat down and decided to treat myself, obviously my idea of treating myself is a little heightened to the average person. Theres just something a little easy and thoughtless about online shopping, without actually handing you bank card over to the cashier you don't feel as bad, in fact it's exciting and I admit sometimes I tend to get carried away. However, look at how beautiful these clothes are. 

Have you treated yourself to anything lately?

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