Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Unfortunately, today's blog post is going to be a little bit of a rant, which is a great shame but its just one of those days. I'll start by just saying, if you were to ask me which high street store is my favourite, I'd hands down say H&M. What's not to love, they go up to big sizes for the girls with a belly (like myself), its cheap, they sell gorgeous clothes which actually look expensive and they have worked with Beyonce, so whats not to love. However, I hate actually visiting a H&M store because nothing ever goes past a size 12, I can never find the clothes I've seen online and its just hectic. This results in me browsing the H&M app at least once a week, and recently I caved in, I looked at every item in the women's section online and I went crazy, I spent over a couple hundreds of pounds. I was so happy, I'd bought around 18 outfits for a couple of hundreds, amazing. 

Now, time for a rant, I ordered my purchases on the 31st August, baring in mind it told me half my clothes would arrive on my doorstep at the latest by the 5th September and the second half would arrive at the latest by the 19th September, my order was not all being sent together due to items not being in stock. I was fine with this as I was under the impression that at least some would be with me by the 5th, I waited and waited. On the 8th, just two days ago, I received an email saying my order had only just been dispatched. I was panicking after then being told it would take 4-6 days for my order to come. So I'm confused as to why on my order confirmation I was told my order would be with m by the 5th, because had I not been told this then I probably would not have purchased as many items as I did. I am going away on the 12th, and I am hoping and hoping that my order will be here by Friday morning because the reason I bought a lot of the clothes was for my weekend away. I am so furious about the lack of customer service help I have also received, I have emailed the customer service two days ago now, and have yet to receive a reply. I also tweeted them and received no help at all and instead was accused of it being my fault, and that I didn't read my confirmation email properly. This was not the case. 

I also find it very unreliable of them to claim items to be in stock, but when I come to check out I'm told certain items won't be with me until 4 weeks later. It then worsened when I later receive an email telling me that one item was not in stock until the middle of October, so why on earth are they telling me that these items are in stock when I'm putting them in my online shopping basket. 

I am now having to spend even more money to buy some clothes for my weekend away, which should not be the case having spent so much money already at H&M. I find their delivery service unreliable, inconsistent and infuriating. I understand that they have a lot of orders to deal with on a daily basis, and its not the wait that I mind, what I have an issue with is that they told me some of my order would be here by the 5th, it is now the 10th so clearly this was falsely claimed. This is a great inconvenience for many people who order things which are intended for a specific date, if we as customers are told that our order will be here then I expect it to be here. I will not be shopping with H&M again in a hurry. I find this whole experience a great shame because I actually love shopping at H&M but I do believe they need to seriously fix up their delivery services and their customer services because currently it is pushing people away and stopping people from returning to this store. I know I'm not the only one with this problem as since my order I have come across many complaints to H&M, I think its time they start listening and fix up quickly. 

So here's to hoping that my clothes will arrive before 12pm on Friday, when I leave for my weekend away. Have you guys ever had any trouble with H&M online? 

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