Monday, 25 August 2014


(Excuse this awful creased concealer, this is my makeup after a ten hour shift and no re-application)

I have been blessed with long lashes so it is not a regular occurrence that I am super impressed with a mascara, I felt they all achieved the same results. But boy was I wrong, I usually opt for a Maybelline mascara, and until I came across this little beauty on the aisles of my local supermarket, I did not realise just what I was missing out on. 

I am happy to present L'Oreals Telescopic mascara... I found this on offer in Asda for £5 so I decided to put it in my basket on a bit of a whim. As the ever impatient girl I am I opened this as soon as I got out the doors and a huge amount of disappointment came over me as I saw the brush. Instantly, I thought this was not the mascara for me, nevertheless I tried it the next day and WOW. It is hands down the best mascara I have ever tried! I have never realised how dry and clumpy my eyelashes looked with my previous mascara until I used this. It made my eyelashes flare out, look long, sleek and it was not clumpy at it. My lashes also didn't feel dry and hard once applied, in fact they felt like I had nothing on them at all. They give a gorgeous, false lash effect but with a lot less effort. The photo taken is the result of just one coat of this mascara, after a ten hour shift, and if I don't say so myself they look bloody fabulous.

I can't recommend this mascara enough, please do not be put off by the brush because before trying it I would of thought this to be my worst nightmare. It is also so easy to use which I wouldn't think would be the case, with it being so long and thin. Another thing I love about this mascara is, usually I rest my hand on my nose as I apply mascara and it almost always results in a big blob on mascara on my nose but this wand seems to be product resistant. Mascara on seems to pick up on the brush and not the wand, meaning it is mess free. I can't compliment this product enoguh, its seperates my lashes so beautifully and I honestly can't imagine me purchasing anything else any time soon.It also curls my lashes so well, I usually struggle curling my eyelashes on just one of my eyes, and this mascara tackled it with out any problem at all. It truly is perfect.


  1. It sounds amazing!! Definitely going to give this a try now! x

    The Sunday Chapter

    1. It's amazing, definitely worth a try, I am addicted!

      Paige xx

  2. Looks so good ! :)