Monday, 18 August 2014


WARDROBE I'm definitely late on the bandwagon, but just recently I've really been getting into midi rings. Usually anymore than wearing one ring at a time I would put down as tacky but I do think it can look quite nice with small thin rings. I have majorly fat fingers so it is always quite a push for me to find nice fitting rings, but hey ho it also means I can buy a normal ring in size small and use it as a midi ring. I'm also loving this burgundy nail varnish by Rimmel London, it looks classic and it also looks great on my toenails when wearing sandals. I've also been wearing white clothing a lot, I just love it which is quite ironic considering I'm the messiest eater you could ever imagine. Another exciting announcement in the wardrobe/beauty category is I managed to apply false lashes, now I know this may sound silly but I have tried and tried, time after time, but I just can't get the hang of applying them. I was invited to a 21st party on Saturday and had an extra half an hour to get ready, I thought why not give it a go because for a girl who can't apply fake eyelashes, I don't half have an impressive collection, and I managed to do them perfectly.

LIFE This week my family have been away on holiday to Wales, so I had a chilled week home alone, I say chilled but I was actually working. It was nice to get home and just chill out though, I have 4 brothers and as much as I adore them, I really did appreciate the peace and quiet. I spent most of my evenings, in my pyjamas, watching Thriller movies, with a bottle of wine. I also invited people over for dinner two nights, which was nice to have a little bit of company. On Thursday was my results day, which went okay, however due to complications with college I am having to go back to my old college, so I was feeling a little bit down. Kindly enough my Nan and Grandma came over on my results day to take me out to celebrate. We finished the night off by going to bingo, which I always for some apparent reason feel a sense of shame when I admit that, because truth be told it is just not acceptable to be going to bingo if you are under the age of 50. It was a lovely day/night, shared with two of the most amazing people in my life. On Saturday my family came home, which was nice, I missed them loads and it was starting to get just too quiet without them.  Me and my mum had also been invited to a 21st party by a girl at our work, so we went there, it was lovely to be around all our work friends outside of work, we had a lot to drink and a lot of laughs. Then Sunday, wow what a day, for many reasons I can't tell the world wide web what happened on Sunday, but we were most definitely celebrating. A perfect, exciting, lucky and crazy week, all in all.

FOOD Yet again another week filled with yummy food, I keep promising myself to go on a diet but then I realise how much of a good cook I am, and how content/happy I am at the moment. So for now the diet can be held off another week. First off this week, I cooked a homemade pie, I did a creamy garlic mushroom sauce with sausage, and bacon and veg, sounds awful but it is beautiful. I am thinking of posting a few recipes on  my blog following a big interest in my last one here, so let me know in the comments below if you are interested in that. I also did homemade roasties with the pie, which I have to say (trying to sound as modest as possible), are out of this world. The day after I made pasta bake, in a bacon and tomato sauce with chicken and bacon pieces in, that was beautiful, and I have to hold my hands up and admit that between myself and my Grandma, we ate the whole tray and half a bottle of wine each, oops. On Thursday I was kindly taken out for a meal, I ordered new york barbeque chicken filo's for my starer, which came free as part of a Thursday deal, which was a nice added bonus. I then ordered a Jack daniels and coke, which is my favourite, whilst waiting for my main. For my main I ordered the medium 10oz steak, it was cooked to perfection and was coated in pepper, onions, cheese, a grilled mushroom, and peppercorn sauce. Wow, my mouth is watering now. It also came with chips and onion rings, and with a huge struggle I managed to eat the entire thing. Then yesterday, we were all in high spirits and there was way too much excitement going on to simply cook, so instead we popped open the champagne and ordered a chinese takeaway. DIET RUINED.

This was the bestest meal i've ever had, it was huge so I did struggle but I managed to finish it (thankfully i'd had no lunch). It was cooked beautifully, and I've already decided I'm going back there on Thursday.

Celebrating with champagne

My infamous homemade pasta bake

Champagne celebrations

Ready for a 21st garden party

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