Sunday, 10 August 2014


WARDROBE I have been obsessed with white nails at the minute, I think they look so classic and glamorous. I also add a little glitter nail polish on top of a few odd nails just for a little sparkle, I have used gold glitter here however I actually prefer it with silver. I use a white nail polish from Barry M, which I will be doing a review on soon, so keep a look out for that. 

LIFE I was at work all week, and then on Friday I went for a two night spa stay, I'm seriously getting used to these girly weekends away. I went with my Aunties and my Nan, it was a lovely relax. The first night we had cocktails in my room and then we went down to the restaurant and had  some wine (maybe a little too much), and a 3 course meal. The food was cooked lovely, and the next morning we had a full cooked breakfast, which I don't usually like as I'm not a breakfast eater but it was cooked so beautiful I just couldn't pass it down. Then I spent the whole of Saturday watching movies, in the gym, in the swimming pool. They also had a Jacuzzi, toning table room, sauna and steam room, so as you can imagine I'm feeling really refreshed today and my skin is most definitely thanking me. We then went for pub lunch, and  after wards I went back down to the spa for a swim. That night we were planning to go out to a restaurant but whats a girly weekend without a girly night in, so instead we all came up to my room, ordered dominoes pizza's to the hotel, and had some wine and drinks. We also did face masks and just had a good giggle. Perfect. 

FOOD On Friday we had a three course meal at the restaurant in our hotel. For my starter I had a warm Cheddar cheese and leek tart, with cress and pickle, that was s0 tasty and not as heavy as I thought it would have been. For my main I had the grilled Cajun double breasted chicken with homemade chips, which were to die for. Finally, no surprise here for desert I ordered the same thing I order everytime I eat out, sticky toffee pudding. Delicious! And now I'm talking about it, I could eat it all over again. 

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