Monday, 4 August 2014


So it was payday this week, and already I've managed to go and spend nearly half of it, please tell me how buying one mac lipstick turned into spending £300, and buying a £50 toothbrush?! I am definitely a spender rather than a saver, but I believe you should enjoy the money that you work so hard for, and that's what I do. Whilst I'm living at home with my parents, I am making the most of it and spending my wages on things I enjoy, because it won't be long until it will all be going towards bills. So here's a list of things I've had my eyes on just recently...

1. Girl boss written by Sophia Amoruso- I have heard so many amazing things about this book on a lot of the blogs I follow, so I will definitely be purchasing it and will probably end up packing it in my case to take away to Turkey with me.

2.A shopper from H&M- I want a black shopper bag as I have two in brown, which I love but after seeing many OOTD blog posts featuring a black one, I've decided this is a must in my collection plus it is only £14.99  (you can purchase it here).

3. A baby pink and white nail polish from Barry M- So I have already managed to buy the white one, which is called Coconut from Barry M, and I think this pink shade is beautiful so its next on my list.

4. Crunchy biscuit butter- Someone had this at work and I tried some, it tastes so delicious, I have to buy some of this once I can find where I can buy it. In a way I'm glad I don't know where to buy this because once I do I will be eating it by the gallon.

5. A boyfriend shirt from H&M- I love how boyfriend shirts look, paired with skinny jeans, and some loafers. This one looks perfect, you can purchase one here.

6. Velvet teddy lipstick from MAC- This is supposedly the lipstick that Kylie Jenner uses to achieve them gorgeous lips that she has everyone talking about.

7. Chloe by Chloe- I have wanted this for so long, I had a tester of this perfume around a year ago and ever since I have never loved a perfume as much as I have this one. Yet I am still yet to treat myself to it. 

8. Blue jeans from H&M- There's nothing better than a fresh pair of blue jeans, and H&M have some lovely ones in at the minute. You can never have enough pairs of jeans, there are a necessity for casual wear. 

9. Blush & contour palette by Makeup revolution- I have heard so much about this brand recently, and may I add there has been nothing but praise. I think this palette looks beautiful and I can't believe it costs just £6. If this brand is as good quality as people are saying, then wow the prices for their products are out of this world. I won't lie I did go on the website the other night and add all the possible products I was interested in, into my shopping bag and it came to £100 but that was for masses amounts of makeup, I'm very tempted to click buy.

10. Black loafers from H&M- I have actually already bought these today, they are perfect as they will go with so many outfits, and they are so comfy. They are currently in the H&M sale for just £10.

11. HD brow kit- Again this is another one I have wanted for so long, there was a huge hype around these a couple of years ago and ever since I have wanted to try one.

12. Moroccan oil- I LOVE this stuff and ran out a while ago, so I will definitely be repurchasing this month.

13. Beach hat- I love these hats, whether one would suit me is a different matter but I am going away in October so I would like to get one to take away with me.

14. IT written by Alexa Chung- Alexa Chung is a huge fashion inspiration of mine so I have been interested in reading this for a while, I also think it would look great displayed on my desk.

Is there anything on your wishlist recently?

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