Friday, 8 August 2014


I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and start doing a new series on my blog, which I have seen many of my favourite blogs, so this is my first ever Fragrance Friday. Firstly, I feel this series is only fitting for me as I actually own 63 perfumes currently (well, between me and mum we own that many), and that's after we threw out a load for going past their expiry dates. I have from a young age been a perfume addict which stems from my mum, I always remember my mum collecting fragrances since before I can remember, and then she would display them on her desk and whenever I thought it was safe to go in her room without getting caught, I would go in and spray about 20 different scents on every inch of my body. I must have choked people as I walked past them. So ever since I have done my fair share of adding to our collection, after all there really is nothing better than a good scent, which leaves people asking what it is I'm wearing. 

Today, I'm doing a quick review on the CKIN2U, I have to say I would have never even given this perfume a second glance in the shop, purely because packaging initially attracts me to a perfume and I think the packaging of this could with some work. However, my mum bought this perfume and I fell in love with it!  This perfume is modern, glamorous, and sophisticated, it has a warm scent to it. I feel when you are younger you tend to go for the fruity, sickly sweet, pink perfumes, and then one day you want to venture out and buy a more 'grown up' fragrance, well this is it. It is a grown up scent without smelling like a bunch of flowers at your Grandma's house, it still has them fruity notes. I think this perfume is perfect a summers night, I think its a little too heavy for the daytime but it still has that summer time vibe. 

I think the packaging is very modern, minimalist and urban, and I do think this could appeal to many but personally I find it too bold, too heavy and quite masculine. 

The notes that stood out for me the most is fresh floral, however it also has a wood base which you can't miss. It also has a strong smell of amber, vanilla, and grapefruit, The actual notes it is said to be are listed below.

Top Notes- Sicilian Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit and Red currant leaf
Middle Notes- Orchid and Cactus
Base Notes- Amber, Red cedar and Vanilla

Overall. its a warm, cosy and seductive scent, I would say its aimed at late teens to thirties, and would be more suited for the nighttime. I always get compliments when wearing this, which is down to its perfect combination of sweet and masculine notes. Another great thing about this fragrance is that it has immaculate staying power, it lasts the whole night without being too over powering. I would definitely recommend this one, and you can buy yours here

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