Thursday, 21 August 2014


I have recently been loving white nail varnish. I used to think it was comparable to how my nails looked in high school after I'd sat in a boring lesson with some tippex. However, I think it looks so classic and whats even better it makes you look twice as tanned as you actually are. So the other day I went to boots, my favourite place to shop (although dangerous for my purse), and the white nail varnish craze has really made its presence on to the shelves, with all known beauty brands featuring their very own. I decided to go for the Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in the shade coconut, which I was reluctant to buy and heres why- I have a love/hate relationship with Barry M's Gelly range. I love the shades from their collection, they give a gorgeous finish and also last on my nails for around a week which is actually impressive for my nails. But, and its a big but, I HATE painting my nails with it, the process takes forever, and usually takes many attempts, as it can take forever to dry and it feels really gooey and sticky when applying it. The application gets me frustrated and it takes up a lot of my time. I think in a lot of ways the torturing process is worth the result but at the time it really doesn't seem that way. Either way this shade is beautiful, and the finish is, as it states on the packaging, Hi-shine. I would totally recommend this shade, but bare in mind the big con that comes with the Gelly nail paints. 

I also feel sometimes plain white nails can appear to be a little too tippexy if not styled right, so rather than leave them plain white I decided to do two accent nails on each hand, my thumb and ring finger. This made it look 10x better than it already did. I have tried it with both a silver glitter polish and a gold glitter polish and both looked amazing. I'm in love with this colour combo at the minute, so felt it had to be shared.

What's your favourite nail polish combo at the minute?


  1. This is such a nice combination! I love the look of white nails but my nails are too stubby and like you said I just look like a child whos been attacking the tip ex! Your manicure looks so good though x

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  2. I think white might be the only shade missing from my collection! This is lovely :)

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you lovely, I appreciate you reading my post

      Paige x