Sunday, 20 July 2014


WARDROBE There has been nothing that really made it into this category this week, and so you may be wondering why I've put a picture of Khloe Kardashian here. Well, firstly I love Khloe's style, she has always been my favourite Kardashian because I think her attitude and style means she pulls off outfits so edgy yet glamorous, plus she is hilarious. Secondly, this is the photo I will be taking to my hairdressers on Saturday for my appointment, I've had a dip dye before however it was a lot lower and darker. I can't wait to get my hair this lovely sun kissed blonde, ready for my exciting plans in the next few weeks. 

This week I was working all week, and then on Friday I went walking, look how beautiful the pink sky looked, its amazing what you miss whilst sat at home staring at a computer screen. I also saw lots of horses on the field when I was on my walk, they were so beautiful, I would of taken one home if I could. On the Saturday  went walking in the morning to feed the horses (I can be a softy when I want to be) and then we went for a carvery Sunday roast...on a Saturday (I know). Lastly  I went to the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park with my aunties, had the weather not have been like it was this would have been a perfect day out but we got on with it anyway, and it was lovely. Drudging through the mud in our sandals might have been a complete error on our own shoulders, however the atmosphere there was amazing, with live music and stalls after stalls of food there was no complaining to be made. I was hoping to get a lot more pictures for my blog whilst there, but I complete forgot and only managed to actually get one snap which doesn't really show anything at all as the whole festival was massive. I will definitely book again, lets just hope the weather is on our side next time. 

FOOD As I went to the Foodies Festival there were lots of testers on all the different stalls, so we got to try many unusual but at the same time delicious snacks. It was nice to be able to have a little bit of each thing to see what it was like, and this is where I regret so much not taking my camera as some of the stalls had very weird looking cuisines on display and  some had beautiful looking cakes and pastries, but never mind there's always next year. I also went to a chocolate show there, and this amazing award winning Chocolatier was educating us on everything we could possibly know about chocolate, it was so interesting and it was a change to just throwing a bar of chocolate in my mouth and gobbling it down in 5 seconds flat. He also let us all  try a square of chocolate that was 100% cocoa, and it tasted awful, it was so powder like and chalky, but it really made me think about what companies add in chocolate to make it into this luxurious treat we all seem to love to indulge on. 

What have you been up to this week?

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