Sunday, 13 July 2014


WARDROBE Kimono's have been my absolute life saving staples at the moment, I must own around 15. I love the way  they look in the summer, they are light and breezy, and you can throw them on over anything. I also love them because they dress up outfits without any form of effort at all, they just look lovely and I always seem to get a lot of compliments when wearing one. I usually pair one with a block colour vest top, some skinny jeans, and a pair of sandals, its so easy and comfy yet it looks so well put together. I have also been using my Naked 2 palette a lot this weekend, to do my ever so perfected smokey eye. Another look I've really been getting into just recently is curling my hair in loose waves, I love this effortless look for the summer.

LIFE I spent most of my week at work this week, which I am so thankful for. I love being back at work, being able to feel that sense of independence and  the excitement buzzing around the workplace as pay day is on its way (YEAH!). After work on Friday, I packed my travel bag yet again to go and stay at families. We spent Friday night fixing up some chicken and salad, and then went on a walk. I live in the city, but its crazy what you can find whilst on a little detour, me and my Aunty took the dog through some fields. It turns out unbeknownst to us both, that behind rows of houses lies acres of fields, farm animals, a canal and a lot of beautiful wildlife. If you ever get any spare times honestly just go on a walk and see where it takes you, because we were both surprised what lay behind the town we'd lived many years of our lives. On Saturday I went to watch my Aunty run in the race for life, it was such a great atmosphere to be surrounded by people supporting such an amazing charity. The sun also made it all that more better, so after cheering her on, we sat down and enjoyed cocktails and a picnic on the park. On Saturday night we had a girls night out to try this new Turkish restaurant after them being fully booked up a few times we had tried before. It was so yummy, for my starter I had a platter of little nibbles. I had chicken for my main, which was cooked perfectly (at 2am I am getting hungry thinking about it, oh dear). The desserts looked lovely but I was just so full up so I will definitely have to go back there and try one. Finally, on Sunday I went on a two hour dog walk through my newly found country side spot. I then went shopping in Boots to spend some of my advantage points (thank God for Boots), and went to raid the summer beauty aisles. Then I went for afternoon tea and champagne, we had freshly made tea, champagne and a platter of cakes and mini sandwiches. Lovely. 

FOOD This week I've been taking fresh fruit smoothies to work for my dinner so I was doing well... and then ruined my hard work with a KFC (oops). On Friday I had a chicken salad which was lovely and light. On Saturday we went to a Turkish restaurant, for my starter I ordered Turkish bread, hummus, a Turkish yoghurt dip which I can't for the life of me remember the name of, and olives. We then moved on to cocktails whilst waiting for our main course, I had a Woo Woo and Pina Colada,  which were also delicious.For my main I had a chicken breast filled with spinach and feta cheese, covered in mushroom and white wine sauce, with salad and rice. On the Sunday we had afternoon tea, we had champagne, fresh tea, quiche, smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, scones, cakes and load more. So definitely a week of cheating myself with yummy food.

How was your week

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