Sunday, 6 July 2014


WARDROBE This week I've been wearing Barry M's Gelly Nail Paint in Mango. I wouldn't usually pick this colour at all but I actually really like it for the summer. Its a fresh and fruity colour, so it's an ideal shade for this some what unusual sun we've been getting. I love the Barry M nail products, however I have to say I prefer the normal formula rather than the gelly ones, I find the consistency just takes forever to dry, its  much harder work especially when trying to  apply an even layer of the product. 

LIFE I've done it again, I've fell head first into another trend. I've bought a Flabelos vibration plate! I love vibration plates and have been going on salon ones for many months now,  but I figured it would actually be cheaper to buy one and use it in the comfort of my own home. So when a deal came up for this, me and my mum ordered it straight away. I have done a lot of research into vibration plates and have also heard a lot of myths about them. There are claims that using a Flabelos for a ten minute workout session will give you the exact same benefits as an hour workout would, I'm still unsure as to how true that is. However one thing I know is that using these plates alone will not help you lose weight, thats something you have to do with hard work and determination, it will however tone you up and lose inches off you. This particular machine came with a booklet of exercises used to target a certain area of the body which I find really helpful. So if you need a push and a little extra help to get the body you want then I would look into a vibration plate. However, don't think like the many women I saw in the salon, that you can stand on one of these with a mars bar in one hand and see the weight fall off you, because its not going to happen. 

FOOD I've been working all week so I've been taking a lot of fruit into work for my break, there's something about hot weather that encourages me that little bit more to eat healthily (thank god). I've also been making a lot of berry smoothies in the morning for breakfast, when I've snoozed my alarm 20 times and don't have time for cereal. Look out because I will be posting a smoothie recipe on my blog  very soon, along with a review of my blender.

How was your week? 


  1. I love the nail colour - so summery! I need to start eating more healthy too, especially fruits. I wonder how well those vibration machines work, I always see them all over the gym! Lovely post. :)

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    1. Thank you, yeah it is a really beautiful colour for summer! Well it seems to be working pretty well so far but I'm sure I will post an update about them after a few weeks of giving it a go :)

      Thank you, Paige x

  2. I am loving the Gelly polishes at the moment!! They are perfect for summer :) xx

    1. Yeah I agree, they always seem to get their shades just right. They have so lovely shades out at the minute and they are so cheap! Thank you for reading xx