Thursday, 17 July 2014


It's the end of another long day at work and there's nothing I love more than spending this time just chilling out in my bed, drinking hot chocolate, and completely engrossed in an edge-of -my-seat TV series (oh how did we ever cope without netflix?!). So here's a shortlist of my favourite TV shows so you can get as obsessed as I have...

Orange is the new black-

If you haven't heard of this already then you must have been living under a rock. I love this show, the day that season 2 was released I finished the whole series in one weekend, I have since watched it 3 times over. This series has it all tear jerks, rolling around on your bed laughing moments and raunchiness. I won't go into detail about what its about purely because if you haven't already then you have to see this, so I don't want to give too much away. But basically it's based on a true story, first written as a novel, about a women's prison, the main character Piper goes to prison for a crime that she committed many years previous, whilst there she discovers her ex girlfriend, Alex, who got her into all this mess is also in the prison. There are two seasons, and one currently being filmed, both have 13 episodes so if you binge watch like I did you can watch all 26 in one weekend. Just make sure you see a bit of sunlight (even if it is just to buy more chocolate like I did).

Prison break-
This series had me up all night, I watched around 14 episodes in a whole day. So firstly, I will warn you this is addictive, once you watch one episode it takes great will power and determination not to watch another. This series is about two brothers, one who is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, the other purposely lands himself in the same prison as his brother with an elaborate escape plan for him. Along the way new characters also come into play and reveal more about what has got them in prison, and their shocking secrets. This series is so well put together, it is produced intelligently and it so flawless. There are also clues and twists throughout which all come together as the season goes on, I honestly can't count how many times I said "Wow I never thought of that" or "That's so clever!".  It will have you guessing and conspiring throughout, you get so involved and honestly thats what makes this series so enjoyable. That being said I definitely enjoyed season 1 and 3 a lot more and found season 2 a bit up and down at times (just drudge through, season 3 is totally worth it).

Vampire diaries-

Let me start off by saying when my cousin suggested this to me I instantly dismissed it, sci-fi and supernatural type things just aren't my cup of tea. However, please give this a chance because it is amazing, its not just vampires and werewolves fighting ten to the dozen, it involves all them topics us girls love, such as drama and teenage love affairs. This series revolves around two brothers who are vampires obsessed with the same girl, a doppelganger of a vampire they both fell for centuries ago. There are also amongst a group of friends who throughout discover their supernatural traits as well. It's just brilliant but its a hard one to explain, so please just give it a go and you will understand how it has made it on to this list. There are currently around 100 episodes, so enough to last you once you get as obsessed as I have. And if that's not enough there are also books telling the story in more detail which are written by the talented L.J.Smith.


Pretty little liars-

This is the best who-dunnit TV shows for teenage girls out there, its a great mystery series whilst still maintaining the glamour that every girl wants to see on her TV. The series follows the lives of four girls who's group falls apart after the disappearance of their ringleader, Alison. A year after her disappearance the girls start receiving messages from a sender named A, who threatens to expose their secrets that only Alison knew. Each series uncovers more truths, making you come up with a different culprit as to who is A each time. This series only gets better and better as it goes on, definitely worth a watch! But be warned you will turn into Nancy Drew whilst watching it, asking yourself.. Who is A?!

How can any teen girl not love this programme, it is everything needed in an enjoyable all round series. It has break-ups, sexuality dilemma's, pregnancies, adoptions, mental illness', financial issues, drug abuse, glamour, fame and fortune, and not to mention clothes that will have you crying with jealousy. It is based around a group of friends living in Beverley Hills, most of whom live the life we can only ever dream of. It covers everything and I guarantee all problems we face growing up is dealt with at least once in this series. What I love about this is that it really is something that late teens can relate to as it deals with the issues we face as we prepare for adulthood. It is a great girls night in series that will have you up all night. Even if it is just to get style inspiration or used as a release after a long hard day in cold Britain.

American horror story-

If you are a horror/thriller lover like myself then you will love this one, it does get a little weird at times so it depends how brave you are feeling but I think its completely worth it. There are 3 seasons described as mini series which are all set in a different time frame, revolving around different characters and settings. This series does have you hiding behind your covers at time and its certainly not one I would watch at night on my own but I think thats the thrilling thing about it. At times this really can be scary which I feel many series and movies have failed to achieve just recently. It's just spectacular, be brave and give it a go. It is a bit like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it, I loved it!

Is there are series you can recommend for me, because I really would love to find another one to binge watch, and love as much as I have these?

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