Tuesday, 29 July 2014


As its been unusually hot in the UK, I have found my lips were getting quite dry, I also don't think that 10 hour shifts at work without applying any product was helping. So a couple of weeks ago I was out shopping and seen this little beauty for a measly £2.50 so I thought what the hell, I may as well try it. I have found this lip butter has really helped and does keep my lips hydrated and has restored moisture back into them. This butter is also just that, its so buttery and isn't hard like I find a lot of lip butters to be. It is so glossy and leaves your lips looking amazing, it also has a baby pink tint which ever so slightly shows up, it tones down the red tint of my lips which I personally love as it pulls off that my-lips-but-better look. It also contains Shea butter and almond oil which are both great for moisturising your lips and helpful in reducing pigmentation which may put some people off but I personally am thankful for!

I use this lip butter every night before bed and wake up with baby soft lips that feel so hydrated, its great to apply throughout the day, but I do love applying loads before bed as a treatment to let it soak it. Now for the best thing about this product, it smells amazing! It literally smells like a tub of raspberry ripple ice cream, it smells so fruity and creamy, I could eat it. I haven't smelt the other two variations of this lip butter, which come in caramel kiss and vanilla & macadamia nut kiss, but I am really intrigued as to whether they smell as amazing as this one. I'm really impressed with these lip butters, and if you haven't tried them yet then you can get yours here.


  • Smells divine
  • Reasonably priced
  • A lot of product
  • Easy to carry about
  • Gives amazing moisture
  • Stays moisturised for around 6 hours
  • Slight pink tone
  • Repairs chapped and dry lips
  • Some find this packaging unhygienic, but I don't really mind as I know only I am using this product.
  • The lid is quite stiff to get into, but  I suppose I would complain if it was too loose, so either way it isn't a major problem.

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