Monday, 30 June 2014


WARDROBE Last week I used my  Urban decay Naked 3 palette to create a lot of my evening looks. I love this palette as it offers many rose gold and bronze shades to create both daytime and evening looks. I just love it, all shades are long lasting, don't crease and  are really easy to blend, plus they have amazing pigmentation. 

LIFE Recently, I have been doing a lot of walking, I did 6 hours of dog walking alone in the space of two days (A wet muddy forest+white Converse=BAD IDEA). What really encouraged me to go on 2 hour walks through muddy fields was an app I have downloaded. The app is called Walk star and it tells me how many steps I've taken, how long I've been walking, my speed rate, distance I've walked, and my favourite many calories I've burnt. Seeing them figures really does encourage you to keep going, so I recommend anyone who is trying to get fitter to download it. Apart from walking, I also rented a stall at a car boot with my Aunty, not my favourite way to spend my Sunday, especially as it was a 5am start. However, it actually turned into a good day, I met some lovely (hilarious) people who also had stalls there, plus we made some money out of a bad habit of buying things we'd never wear. I know with things like Ebay and Depop it seems easier to use technology but sometimes it does benefit you selling your old (in our case new with tags still on) clothes the old fashioned way. I also had a family get together on Friday night, which is starting to become routine each weekend but it was lovely to see us all together having fun. On Saturday, my family had a girls night at my Nana's with a takeaway and music, and I honestly don't think I've ever laughed as much as I did that night.

FOOD I spent the first half of this week relaxing and pampering, and finding lots new blogs to follow so whilst doing that I found an Emmi caramel caffe latte in my hands most of the time. These drinks are gorgeous, they have such a smooth and creamy taste. I love the caramel one as its super sweet which I prefer as opposed to a bitter taste. I will definitely be picking more of these up!

How was your week? 

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