Monday, 23 June 2014



WARDROBE Surprisingly we have been having sunshine just recently in the UK, so I have been making the most of it and wearing my sandals. These sandals were £4 from Primark, I love that they go with a lot as they are brown with rose gold detailing plus they are so comfy,  so I haven't had them off my feet. I think for the summer time Sandals are ideal as they go with everything; dresses, shorts, jeans, play-suits, just everything.

LIFE On Monday me and my family came back from a little caravan break that we had booked as a surprise for fathers day. It was so lovely to spend a long weekend with the whole family together and to be able to meet up with our relatives who live in Wales. We spent most of the weekend at the beach as we were lucky with the weather and then chilled out in our caravan at night. I also went to visit some more relatives this weekend and we had held lots of mini family get-togethers at my aunties over the weekend, filled with drinks and lots of food, perfection. 

FOOD My meal off the week was a little buffet me and my aunty had put on for the family, I love Summer time because its the perfect weather for BBQ's. We had everything fruit salads, chicken, pitta's, sweet potato, crisps & dips, rice, salad, pizza. It was real summer food, sat outside with our cocktails in the sunshine. 

How was your week? 

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