Thursday, 19 June 2014


So after my Moroccan oil craze, I decided it was time to find a cheaper alternative, after many disappointments I stumbled upon this little product. This product is described as having a lightweight luxurious formula which is instantly absorbed to help nourish and reduce frizz. I did enjoy using this product, it doesn't leave my hair feeling or looking greasy, just healthy and shiny. Once I put this in my hair it feels and smells amazing and for the price it is totally worth trying out, however it doesn't come close to my holy grail Moroccan oil. That being said I do feel  its hard to compare such different products as this is a much thinner, liquidized formula and because of this reason I use both products in different ways. My Moroccan oil is an amazing leave in treatment which I apply before blow drying, however when I put this product in wet hair before blow drying I didn't really see any effects and ended up applying 3 to 4 pumps which in turn left my hair feeling heavy, but this is a great leave-in treatment to put on once your hair is dry and styled, to make your hair feel shiny and soft.
The formula is silky and lightweight, so doesn't weigh down even fine hair IF the recommended 1-2 pumps is put in , it is also infused with Argan oil which makes the hair feel soft and bouncy. However, I can't say I've noticed any improvements to the condition of my hair which is promised.


Packaging-This is what initially drew me to this hair oil above all others, I love the packaging! It has a sort of exotic, Moroccan(-y) vibe to it, with the gold detailing and patterns making it appear more expensive than it was.

Price- £6.99 (from Boots, Tesco, Asda)
It is definitely worth trying out as an alternative to Moroccan oil (£30) due to the cheap price tag, however if you can afford to pick up the Moroccan oil instead I would say that is your better option out of the two.

What it says-
 1. Pre-Styling: The perfect leave in treatment. Transforms the texture and finish of your style.
2. Post-Styling: For a flawless finish. Use sparingly to define, smooth flyaways and boost shine.
3. Daily Use: To manage & protect hair. Apply in between washes as needed- tame/rejuvenate.

What it does- Leaves hair feeling shiny and soft.

Leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny
Doesn't leave hair looking greasy

No long term effects
Doesn't do everything it promises
Limited uses
Thin formula

Overall rating- 6.5/10


  1. This product sounds great, I've never actually come across it in shops before so I'll have to keep my eye out!

    1. Its definitely worth trying out especially since it doesn't cost that much. Thanks for reading my post, your blog is amazing, I will follow it on bloglovin'!