Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Imperial Leather Foamburst 
I am loving the Imperial Leather foam body wash collection at the minute, mostly because of the immaculate scent combinations they have. The scents are so unusual but they are the most gorgeous, refreshing fragrances I have ever seen in a body wash. The scent I am currently using is Green Tea &  Jasmine, this scent is so natural and revitalising and the scent really does last for ages-there is nothing worse than a beautifully scented body wash which you can't smell once you get out of the bath. You also only need to use the tiniest bit and it goes the longest of ways, as it comes out as a gel and then lathers up into a foam, making this a perfect multi-purpose product that works great as a shaving gel. This is genuinely a product I look forward to using as it leaves my body feeling so smooth and silky, and whats even better is it only retails at £2.00 from your nearest Superdrug store.

Garnier Ultimate Blends 
I love this Garnier shampoo as it  is targeted at coloured hair and having a dip dye addiction I really need all the products aimed at coloured hair that I can possibly get. What drew me to this product is that it contains Argan oil and I was looking for a shampoo that would give me that soft, shiny feeling, which I know Argan oil never fails to do. This shampoo also smells amazing, it smells so fruity which is perfect for summer. However, what I love most about this product is the length of time my hair lasts in between washes without looking greasy, I can go 5 days without washing my hair which is perfect for someone who is lazy when it comes to their hair, which I certainly am. My hairdresser believes the longer you can leave your hair without washing it the better, and so I usually aim to wash it around 2 times a week, as opposed to my old 7 times a week routine (YAWN). You can pick this up for just £1 now at ASDA.

Soap&Glory Sugar Crush 

I am a Soap&Glory addict, I'm talking 2 boxes full of products so I knew I was going to love this product straight away. Soap and Glory always seem to get their packaging spot on and this product did not disappoint, I am such a sucker for gimmicks and I am always sold on packaging, which isn't always a good thing but in this case it was. Soap and Glory also always perfect their scents and this scent did not lag behind, the smell is so refreshing, energizing and summery (think limes and sugar), and even more the scent lasts all day long. However, I do prefer the traditional S&G scent from the Clean on me body wash if I am completely honest. This body wash is super moisturising and leaves my body feeling silky soft, so I do look forward to using it. This retails at £6.50 which I did initially think was a bit pricey but this body wash lasts ages, as the 500ml bottle is huge so I do think it is totally worth it.

Soap&Glory The Scrub of your life 

I LOVE this product, however, I don't use this product for its actual aim. This product is aimed at elbows, legs and shins but I don't think this product is harsh enough to tackle them area's and I know a lot of bloggers have agreed with this. So I use this on my face... yes my face, and it works perfectly, it really is the perfect consistency and isn't too harsh at all having said that I don't suffer from sensitive skin so this may be why. It leaves my face feeling so soft and clean, it feels amazing! The difference in my skin since before using this is just crazy, it really does make a huge difference. It also smells gorgeous, it has the original pink scent, which I think smells like a combination of  peaches, strawberries and vanilla. You can pick this up for £7, completely worth it!

Great hair moisture conditioner

I really am disappointed with this product, it doesn't leave my hair feeling moisturised at all in fact it does the complete opposite. I have never heard of this brand but what intrigued me was the Moroccan Argan oil ingredients as I always cave in when I see a product containing these, but I would not purchase this again. The only reason I am still using this conditioner is because it leaves my hair smelling amazing so I use it for that reason only, whilst relying on my hair treatment to give my hair the moisture it needs.

TRESemme breakage defence masque

This has been a life saver just recently, my hair was beginning to get really dry and dehydrated due to it being dip dyed and this product has completely saved it. This has made me look forward to hair wash day which is a big statement for me to make but it really does. I leave it on for around 10 minutes in the bath whilst scrolling through my twitter and then wash it off, and afterwards my hair feels amazingly soft and moisturised. This product really is helping my hair get back to its original state, it isn't just a quick fix, it really is helping long term. It makes my hair feel so healthy and silky, I also love that it makes my hair less frizzy so in return it speeds up my blow drying routine by about 15 minutes! It also gives my hair that salon smell, which I love. I will definitely be picking up this masque time and time again especially because it cost just a small £2.75 from ASDA.

What are your current bath time products?

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