Wednesday, 25 June 2014


1) A conditioning shave
Ever had a conditioner that you weren't overly impressed with but didn't want to waste it? Then use it to shave your legs! I actually prefer using a conditioner to shave with as opposed to a shaving foam because it leaves my legs feeling so silky and moisturised, plus it actually gives you a closer shave. You can usually pick up a cheap enough conditioner from any supermarket, I use the Alberto Balsam conditioner just because it is cheap and cheerful, and smells amazing.

2) Scented locks

A great simple trick I use to keep my hair smelling lovely is simply spraying a few pumps of my favourite perfume on to my hair brush. This will leave a light scent on your hair but makes the world of difference as you can smell it all day long. I use the Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume as it gives me fresh and fruity locks.

3) Jelly heels

Its summer time so the sandals are out and there is nothing worse than having dry feet and cracked heels visible for the whole world to see. To stop this, all you have to do is a foot treatment twice a week using just 2 household items... vaseline and clingfilm- that's it! Firstly, rub a generous amount of vaseline all over your feet, concentrating the extra dry parts. Secondly, wrap your feet in clingfilm, so that its comfortable and doesn't feel tight. Finally, put your socks over them and leave them on overnight and you will wake up with super soft, moisturised feet. This works best straight after a long soak in a warm bath but that's not compulsory.

4) Brush-away flyaways

 A great way to  get rid of fly aways is to get a cheap toothbrush, put a tiny drop of your favourite hair serum on the brissles and comb them down. This is an excellent way to tame your fly away's when you are trying to perfect that sleek up-do.

5) D.I.Y base-coat

I HATE nail polish remover- its smells, its messy and it takes forever to actually remove my nail polish. If you own any glitter nail polishes you will also know that nail varnish remover is just not made for sprinkles of glitter (HAHA-one of my fave bloggers). So here is a tip that means remover is no longer needed at all, it is perfect for you indecisive lot that tend to change your nail varnish a lot. All you do is get some PVA glue from your local arts and crafts store and paint it over your nails as a base coat, wait for it to dry clear and then do as you normally would. When you come to taking off your nail polish you can simply peel it off, and your nails are as good as new. Perfect.

Have you got any time efficient, money saving tips? 

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